School Rules


The following rules apply to all pupils of The Mulvihill Academy:

  • Attendance – Arrive at class on time
  • Behaviour – All dancers should show respect to all within the class at all times
  • Uniform – Children’s class uniform should be black leggings/shorts and a black Mulvihill Academy T shirt which can be purchased at class. Hair should be tied back.

    Trainers and plimsolls are fine for beginners. If it is your child’s first class, please arrive 5/10 mins early in order to complete a contact form before the class starts.

  • Health & Safety – Please ensure Rachel is notified of any health issues your child may have
  • Eating & Drinking – Please ensure your child has plenty to drink whilst at class to prevent dehydration. No eating allowed whilst dancing
  • Practice – Use any ‘free time’ to practice at a free zone area within each hall
  • Mobile Phones – No mobile telephones to be used during class

Students Parents

The following rules apply to the parents of  students of The Mulvihill Academy:

  • Please drop your children off five minutes before class
  • Make sure that children have gone to the rest room, dance shoes are tied, wearing the correct attire, and hair tied back before you arrive
  • Please arrive on time to collect your child
  • Parents should treat each other with equal respect and with the same regard in which they would like to be treated. Any form of bullying or disrespect towards another parent in the class will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly

From previous experience throughout Rachel’s dancing career, parents were not allowed
into classes. Rachel wishes to continue this rule within the Mulvihill Academy. It has been
known to distract children, therefore in order to teach your child to their full potential,
parents must drop and collect their children at the designated class times.

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